Pace Setters

The Miles for Moffitt Pace Setters Club isn’t just an exclusive group for all Miles for Moffitt individual participants who have raised and/or donated $1000 or more. When you become a Pace Setter, you decide to become a leader. A leader in the fight against cancer, and someone who wants to help Moffitt save even more lives. By becoming a Miles for Moffitt Pace Setter, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive access to a race-day tent.
  • An exclusive web badge.
  • A Pace Setters Club exclusive t-shirt.
  • An invitation to the Pace Setters Celebration hosted by Moffitt leadership featuring a group tour of Moffitt Cancer Center research laboratories.
  • A Miles for Moffitt water bottle.
  • A commemorative gift.

Become a Miles for Moffitt Pace Setter today and enjoy the benefits. You’ll deserve it. But the biggest benefit of all is becoming a leader in the fight against cancer.